Meeting Announcement for Fountain Hills Astronomy Club (new location)

Calling all stargazers, experienced and wannabe!  Please mark your calendars for Monday, December 14th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm  in the Navajo Room of the Fountain Hills Community Center for our first monthly meeting in quite a while.  (Originally we were going to meet in the Library Conference Room but there was a scheduling glitch.)

This is also the day before our next Library Skywatch  held in the circle between the Library and Community Center, so please mark your calendars for that as well.

At this meeting we’ll meet and greet each other and I’ll give a couple of short presentations.  The first will explain how we first began to understand the true size of the universe we live in.  That story begins with the work of an amazing young woman named Henrietta Leavitt who worked at the Harvard College Observatory from 1893 to 1912.  While analyzing photographic plates from telescopes in South America she discovered an obscure class of variable stars whose changes in brightness provided the key to understanding the cosmic distance scale.  Her insight provided the key that later allowed Edwin Hubble to analyze stars in the Andromeda Nebula (now known as the Andromeda Galaxy) and confirm that the universe was much larger than anyone thought at the time.

The second will be on “How to buy a telescope”, perhaps an appropriate topic just before Christmas!  I’ll have examples of beginner telescopes that have proved easy to use and of sufficient quality to give good views.

Hope to see you there!

(Another note will follow shortly inviting you to join me in Fountain Park tomorrow (Monday) morning to see the Moon occult (eclipse) the planet Venus in a rare daytime event.)

Ted Blank

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