Good opportunities to see the International Space Station coming up

The International Space Station, or ISS, is orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes, travelling at about 17,000 mph.  When it passes overhead either in early morning before sunrise or in the evening after sunset, we are in the dark but the ISS is still illuminated by the Sun.

The result is an opportunity to see the ISS glide across the sky, and wave to the six astronauts aboard.  (Of course they are a little too far away to see you).  Here are the two upcoming opportunities to see the ISS.  It will be a small but extremely bright object moving gracefully across the sky, taking several minutes to go from horizon to horizon (or sometimes disappearing before it reaches the far horizon).

Take the kids and grandkids out and enjoy the spectacle!

Saturday , 10-3

6:44 PM

Up for 6 min    max height of  51°

Appears –  10 degrees  above SSW

Disappears – 11 degrees above ENE

Monday, 10-5
6:38 PM

Up for 4 minutes    max height  49°

Appears – 39 degrees above W

Disappears – 11 degrees  above NE

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