Moon occults Venus tomorrow morning

What’s an “occultation”?  It’s when one body passes in front of another (usually smaller) body in space, from our perspective here on Earth.

Tomorrow morning at about 9:20 this interesting phenomenon will take place in our sky as the Moon passes in front of the planet Venus.  Venus is easily bright enough to see in the daytime sky.  So tomorrow morning (weather permitting) I’ll bring a telescope down to Fountain Park near the playground parking lot and try to display this event on a TV screen for all to see.

Come early and watch that “big rock in the sky” (the Moon) inch closer and closer to Venus, finally passing right in front of it.  If you can hang around for a bit, Venus will emerge from behind the moon around 11:10am.  Hopefully the batteries will last long enough to catch that too.

More information can be found on the Sky & Telescope website.

Hope to see you there!


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