Stargazing! Public Star Party Tuesday Nov 17, 6-9pm at the Fountain Hills Library

This Tuesday, November 17th, is our monthly free Public Star Party at the Fountain Hills Branch Library in the plaza between the Library and the Community Center.  An informal come-as-you-are event, stay as little or as long as you wish. We will start at 6:00 pm, but if you can come early to help set up, cover lights etc. it would be greatly appreciated.  Cookies and cider will be provided by Friends of the Library!

  1. Bring your telescope or mounted binoculars to provide views to club members and the public!
  1. No scope?  Come look through the club’s scopes or members’ scopes at various objects!  You might get a peek at the Orion Nebula before we wind up for the night.
  1. Ask questions of the operators about their telescopes.  This can be very helpful if you are thinking about buying a telescope, to be able to get other perspectives and opinions.
  1. Volunteer to be a telescope operator. The club owns several self-tracking scopes which are stored at the Library.  All you’ll need to do is inform people where to put their eye and remind everyone (esp. children) that you “look with your eyes, not with your hands”.  The natural instinct is to grab the eyepiece and bring it to your eye, but with a telescope we do it the other way around.
  1. The Moon will be near first quarter, providing excellent views of its craters, mountains and many other geologic features which are analogous to those on Earth.

The Sun sets around 5:30 pm and astronomical twilight ends at 6:53 pm.  This will give us plenty of time to enjoy views of the Moon before the sky darkens enough to see dimmer objects.

The next FHAC public star party will be Tuesday, December 15th, so mark your calendars now.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

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