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    If you (or your kids or grandkids) need proof that the Moon actually does orbit around the Earth, you have an opportunity to demonstrate that tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8:20 PM in the sky over Fountain Hills.

    At that time, the dark leading edge of the Moon will eclipse the bright star Aldebaran.  All you need are your eyes to see it.

    Look up at the Moon starting about 8:15 tomorrow night (weather permitting) and you’ll see something like this:

    Watch closely!  Shortly after 8:20, the scene above will suddenly change to  look like this:

    Aldebaran, one of the brighest stars in the sky, will have disappeared as the Moon moves over it.  About an hour and a half later, Aldebaran will re-emerge from behind the bright edge of the Moon, but this will be a bit more difficult to see.  A pair of binoculars or a small telescope will help you see the emergence.

    Let’s hope for clear skies!


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